Typing Test – Phần mềm hỗ trợ luyện gõ bàn phím

giao diện phần mềm Typing Test

Typing Test is a software that supports testing the user’s Vietnamese typing speed within the specified time. The software has the function to use the default text to test or select a text of your own choosing for you to check your typing level is at what level to be able to learn more. This article will guide you how to download and install this software.

Outstanding features of Typing Test software

  • Test typing speed.
  • Practice typing in Vietnamese.
  • Type text using the Windows Notepad program.
  • Improve Vietnamese typing speed.

Instructions for downloading and installing Typing Test software

First, click on the Google Drive link below to download the fully updated and latest 2021 Typing Test software installation.

Download Typing Test – Link Google Drive

Download Typing Test

After you download it successfully, use  WinRaR decompression software to  extract the file.

Typing Test software download

After successfully decompressing, click on the installation file to install the software.

Install Typing Test software

The software already has the default text, you just need to type according to it or you can manually select the text you want to add.

Typing Test software interface

So you have completed the steps to download and install the Typing Test software. If you encounter any problems during the implementation, please comment below this article. Good luck!